What is professional coaching for a worship pastor. . .

TWO:8 defines coaching as partnering with worship pastors in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires greater ministry impact.  Coaches honor the client as the expert on his or her life, work, and ministry...and believe every worship pastor is innately creative, called, and connected.  Our goal is to help the local church worship pastor maximize his or her personal and professional potential.

Professional coaching offers a "return on investment" of nearly six times the initial cost of coaching.  It is tailored to the individual, 100% confidential, and is a co-creative relationship.


What professional coaching is not. . . 

Professional coaching is NOT therapy, consulting, or mentoring.

We believe each of these things are important and offer consulting and counseling services; however, Professional Coaching is a one to one developmental process designed to help highly valued staff achieve long-lasting and positive change in leadership behaviors that enable the local church and/or ministry to succeed, thrive, and reach new levels.


What is included. . . 

- Practical training in leadership, planning, organization, working with volunteers, etc.

- Monthly coaching session with a private coach who is an experienced and proven leader in worship ministry

- Monthly video review - submit video of yourself leading for feedback and evaluation

- Regular and consistent access to your personal coach

- Private facebook group with other worship pastors for "in-between" help and community

- Personal visit to the home church of the coach for shadowing, meeting, observing, and learning (travel cost not included)

- Master teaching sessions offered periodically throughout year

Coaching Membership. . .

SIX month membership - $300/month  

TWELVE month membership - $275/month